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Wabash General Hospital


2-Panel Postcard With Magnet

Paid Social Ads


Wabash General Hospital is committed to providing a personalized healthcare experience to every patient who walks through its doors. Building trust and long-lasting relationships are top priorities for this healthcare organization, so its marketing strategy combines both heartfelt direct mail pieces and paid digital ads to build awareness and promote service lines.

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Orthopaedic Postcard

and Magnet

This 2-panel postcard thanks current orthopaedic patients for their trust in Wabash and reminds them reliable care is available whenever the need arises. The mailer included a handy magnet with contact information.

Outside of Postcard

Wab 2.png

Outside of Postcard

Wab 3.png

Inside of Postcard

Wab 4.png

Inside of Postcard

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Paid Social Ads

While Wabash General Hospital is located in a rural setting, its offerings are anything but limited. Using animated and static paid social media ads, Wabash educated patients and prospects about the comprehensive services it provides. The ads are simple and informative, yet hit an emotional note by emphasizing how important it is to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Convenient Care

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Brand Awareness

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