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Kirby Medical Center 


2018 Annual Report

Resuming Operations Newspaper Ads

3-Panel Donation Brochure 


Kirby Medical Center provides reliable, compassionate healthcare to the rural Illinois community of Monticello and other surrounding areas. As a medical center offering a wide range of services on campus, Kirby believes patients shouldn't need to sacrifice convenience for quality. The following marketing pieces represent Kirby's warm, neighborly tone and showcase their investment in close-to-home care. 

2018 Annual Report

This publication provides stakeholders with a comprehensive summary of the medical center's year. The 2018 annual report had a special focus on giving back to community. 

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Newspaper Ads

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirby Medical Center needed to postpone many patient appointments. Once case counts in the area began to plateau, Kirby had to let the community know they were back to scheduling in-person appointments while maintaining safety standards. 

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Donation Brochure

The Kirby Foundation works to build strong community relationships and uses donations to enhance patient care, provide community resources and improve campus facilities. The Light the Way campaign asks the community to help raise funds needed to install eight solar lights along the campus' popular Wellness Trail.

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