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Greeting Cards 

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Although the seed was planted years ago, Eric and I used 2020's quarantine time as an opportunity to turn our mutual love for greeting cards and snail mail into a side hustle. Ant&Al cards are punny, light-hearted and exactly what you'd hope to find in your mailbox after a long day. 

Art Direction: Eric Guenthner 

2020 Holiday 

Ant&Al's 2020 holiday collection was created with the hopes of spreading love, hope and a little humor during a year where celebrations were anything but traditional. 

2021 Valentine's Day

Most write Valentine's Day off with an eye roll and criticism of being too commercialized. Ant&Al skipped the shades of red and flowery language to keep the holiday pure and simple. Love, in all its forms, deserves to be celebrated.


Social Media Posts

Ant&Al's Instagram and Facebook pages notify followers about card releases and sales, as well as spread a little joy and inspiration.  

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